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Instagram’s New Media-Savvy Feature: Link Stickers

  • By MediaF5 Team
  • December 3, 2021

Instagram’s link stickers are rolling out to everyone

One of the most popular social media platforms, Instagram, which first began as a photo sharing site, has evolved into a source for potential revenue for a multitude of businesses. The reach of Instagram stories and posts is significantly huge, as millions of people actively use the site to connect and share content with others. To become more appealing to businesses and in a bid to streamline the story creation process, the platform has added several new features, including new link stickers on Instagram.
Earlier, Instagram Stories provided a swipe-up link feature. This allowed businesses and creators with minimum 10,000 followers to navigate their audience to external sources, where buyers could discover more about the promoted service or product and engage further with the brand. This feature has recently been replaced with link stickers, clickable links in an Instagram Story.

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What are link stickers? 

Link stickers are interactive elements that you can add to stories via the Instagram app. Like other interactive story stickers, they have a pretty uniform appearance. They feature a link icon and the domain of any URL you choose against a white background.

Like other Instagram story elements, link stickers are easy to modify. You can move, angle, and resize them so they align perfectly with your content or stand out and grab attention.When users tap on your link sticker, they see a pop-up inviting them to visit the URL you specified. If they tap the link pop-up, the linked page automatically loads in the Instagram browser.

Initially, the social channel allowed only accounts with verified status or at least 10,000 followers to add swipe-up links to their stories. However, the feature is now available to everyone. Brand new accounts and accounts that repeatedly post hate speech, misinformation, or content that violates Instagram’s community guidelines will not have access to link stickers.

What does the change mean? 

This recent feature change has affected the way brands and businesses develop their social media strategy for business. As one of the most highly trafficked sections of the app outside of the main feed, Instagram Story links have the potential to be a boon for publishers. By gaining an understanding of what this change means and how to maximize its potential, businesses can capitalize on opportunities to enhance business growth. MediaF5 is a Social Media Marketing Company in Ahmedabad. We have written this blog to explain how to optimize the use of link stickers to your advantage.

Just like the social media platform’s poll, question, location, and music stickers, the new feature is engaging. This will now be the only way in which users can add external links to their Instagram Stories. For now, link stickers are only available to use in organic Stories, while the swipe-up function remains the CTA for Story ads. With some distinct advantages over the previous swipe-up feature — like ease, comfort and engagement, the new link stickers can be part of an effective social media marketing campaign.

What are the benefits of link stickers? 

  • Drive more traffic with CTAs
  • Enjoy more creative freedom and control for compositions
  • Maximize advertising opportunities
  • Consistency
  • Increased user engagement
  • Allow brands to track metrics with click-through rates

What Marketers Need to Know About Instagram Link Stickers

     Story templates require updates

  • Story highlights need rethinking
  • Link stickers can amplify interactivity
  • Optimal placement of the link determines its efficacy

Some Ideas to Use Link Stickers With Instagram Stories

  • Show off a blog post
  • Share seasonal content
  • Build your community
  • Promote a time-sensitive event
  • Generate leads
  • Drive sales


Instagram users have long been lobbying for this functionality. If your business has a decent following on Instagram, make sure to incorporate it as part of your social strategy to help move your customers toward a purchase. The app’s marketing toolkit empowers brands to create impactful stories that attract customers and increase conversions.

MediaF5 is a full-service Digital Marketing Company and Social Media Company in Ahmedabad, with the experience and skills you need to take your social media marketing strategy and business to the next level.