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Essential Ways To Boost Your Traffic Through Google My Business

  • By MediaF5 Team
  • November 18, 2021

Local SEO Agency in Ahmedabad

Majority of us turn to Google when we are searching for something online. Google My Business (GMB) is any company’s most visible and viable asset for local search. It is a free tool developed by Google to allow business owners to create a profile that displays their name, address, website link, phone number, hours of operation, photos and reviews online so it can appear in a Google search result. If done right, you can tailor this online listing to bring your business massive local SEO results, including more customers and higher customer loyalty.

Google My Business is free and connects you to all of Google’s services, including Google Maps, which helps you be found locally. Other benefits of claiming a GMB profile include:

  • Increasing your online visibility and credibility.
  • You can manage all of your online information from one place.
  • Helping customers find you in relevant results.
  • Helps in enhancing customer engagement and increasing conversion rates.
  • Increasing customer retention and loyalty.
  • Makes your online advertising efficient and fully optimized.

By creating a GMB page, you are ultimately enhancing your SEO, local search, brand, and overall business. Local SEO Agency in Ahmedabad. To take advantage of this tool for your business, follow the guidelines to optimize your GMB listing.

1. Create a Complete and Verified Profile

Having accurate, updated information is the first step to optimizing your Google Business profile. Keep your name, business address, and phone number updated and consistent across the web. Its consistency is a huge ranking factor for search results. Make sure to include your working hours and website link. Optimize the description section with keyword driven and clear, authentic content. Determine and put up the categories your business falls under. There are also special attributes you can include in GMB listings depending on your industry, like outdoor seating, pet friendly, smoking zone, parking facilities, owner information, social support, etc. This is another great way to connect with your community. A detailed and well described profile always does well on the internet.

2. Share Pictures and Posts Regularly

Photos are the best way to give prospective customers an inside view of your business and inspire them to visit you in person. They can be photos of the interior, exterior, your team, action & activities, products, etc. Share posts and photos often to keep your customers updated and engaged. Geo-tag your GMB photos as it helps to establish a strong association between your business and its location, which will improve your visibility in local SERPs. Put up offer posts to promote your sales. Upload high resolution photos that are authentic and relevant. Sharing posts doesn’t directly impact ranking, but is proven beneficial for conversions and building brand image and awareness. Make sure to include calls to action in your posts. The posts expire after seven days, so it’s advisable that businesses publish a post once a week.

3. Showcase Your Services and Products

Adding products and services to your business profile can represent your business more and better, to show what you offer to your customers. It also helps to increase your credibility and visibility. Make sure to post relevant things.

4. Engagement is the Key!

Make sure to engage with your customers and visitors. Encourage them to leave reviews and respond to them, ask and answer questions, set up messaging and Google reviews. Make sure to monitor all customer engagement and your activities throughout. Creating engaging content and visuals will help make your GMB profile with more traffic, interaction, build brand image, and ultimately lead to more conversions.

5. Use Relevant and Apt Keywords

Optimizing your website is a major key to ranking in relevant searches, for which SEO and keywords set the foundation. Google always wants to show the most relevant results, so use keywords in your content, especially in Business Description. Stuffing keywords won’t help, as Google’s algorithm isn’t easy to fool. Our dedicated team of SEO Consultants in Ahmedabad will ensure to optimize your Google my Business profile for the best match in local searches.

6. Keep up with the Latest Trends and Features

Make sure to stay updated with the current trends and features in GMB and in general, in the world. You can utilize new features to your advantage, and the latest trends to keep your credibility intact. A detailed profile with up to date features and trends stands out on Google as well as in the eyes of customers.

A combination of these Google My Business SEO factors helps Google find the best match for local searches, increase organic traffic and sales. Your business strategy should begin and end with bringing value to existing and prospective customers.

Managing your Google My Business account can feel overwhelming and time-consuming. If you’re ready to launch your business into space, schedule a call with our team of digital marketing experts for the best Google My Business optimization services. MediaF5 is the best SEO agency in Ahmedabad, promising to offer everything that local businesses need to get more leads and conversions online.