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Google December 2020 SEO Core Update Insights

  • By MediaF5 Team
  • December 22, 2020

People in this era have an online presence because physical presence is restricted. The pandemic named COVID 19 hit us last December and ever since we all are relying on online presence and Google is a big part of that. Hence, Google has decided to update its algorithms which one must be aware of SEOs latest update

John Mueller, the lead of Search Relations Team at Google, talked about “Google Search #2020: What’s New That Matters to SEOs.” He gave an idea about the changes made this year and how it is going to affect everyone. Mueller also talked about what to expect in 2021. He explained that during the year 2019, Google had made more than 3500 changes in its algorithms. During this year i.e., in 2020, Google has already rolled out two core updates and third core update which is, December 2020 core update is going to roll out this month. 

Google announced that they were rolling out the December 2020 latest Core Update. 

Google Core Algorithm Updates

Google core algorithm update is generally released every few months, however this time the time gap is a bit longer due to COVID pandemic. It was a stretch of seven months. The last core updates this year took place on the 4th day of May and the third took place on the 3rd day of December and its roll out started at 1pm ET

Google has launched a rebranded Google search central site that replaces old Google Webmaster central. When the questions were posed pertaining to that, it was clarified that Google is continuing to make its efforts towards mobile-first indexing and its approximate execution will be by the end of the third month of 2021. Further, Mueller clarified in the Q&A that Google will still index the websites that are not mobile-friendly, so if you do not happen to have a mobile-friendly site, you need not worry. The latest December updates in SEO involves all the structured data changes to support COVID-19 events, the Search Console updates and Google search ranking updates as well.

December 2020 SEO Core Update

December Core Update

Google’s December 2020 core update is much bigger than it possibly ever was. It was rolled out on December 3rd, 2020 and early data showed that it was felt that day itself but, it took a couple of weeks for it to fully roll out. Like all the other core updates, this was not specific to a particular region, language, or category. It has affected almost every field present on Google. 

Semrush Statistics

The SEMrush team has gathered the data and on the 4th of December, desktop search changes were felt in fields like health, real estate, travel, finance, law & government. For mobile search changes, the fields that felt changes were health, law and government, jobs and education, pets & animals, real estate. It had also shared which sites were benefited from these December core updates, and which had faced major disadvantages. The sites which profited are,,,,,, and The ones that were hit badly were,,,,,, etc. 

Some people owning a good website have claimed to lose 40 to 50% of their search traffic while some had seen a 150% increase in the traffic. 

If you believe in staying updated and think that your business and your website need to take advantage of these updates, you must make a few changes that will help you get back your traffic. To get the optimum benefit of the Google core updates, contact MediaF5 – digital marketing agency that will assist you with updating your website.